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Kloppe Associates adheres to a very strict Code of Ethics. We do not sell any other services or products nor do we accept any commissions or gifts from vendors. Therefore, all of our recommendations are made in your best interest. We are actively involved with the Society of Communication Technology Consultants (SCTC). You will find the code of ethics when you click on the link below. 

Independent Telecommunications Consultants

Kloppe Associates is an independent telecommunications consulting firm. We assist our clients in all facets of telecommunications, including Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM), Telecom Audit, and Wireless Optimization.Our consultants provide high level, personalized customer service to assure that our clients’ needs are immediately met. This dedication, in conjunction with our in-depth telecom industry knowledge, provides our clients with positive results that are reflected on their bottom line.

About Our Firm

Janice Kloppe, CCNT

Phone: 417-278-3535
Fax: 314-260-6318
E-mail: Janice@KloppeAssociates.com

Janice is CEO and Managing Member of Kloppe Associates, LLC. She provides a wide variety of telecommunication and utility consulting services for clients. These services include: Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM) programs, Utility Expense Management (UEM) programs, Long Distance Evaluations and Request for Proposal (RFP) processes, Audit of Physical Network Inventories, Wireless Analysis and Solutions, Ongoing Telemanagement, Implementation of Client-Accepted Recommendations, Coordination of Physical Conversions, Contract Negotiations and Project Supervision through Implementation and Final Acceptance.

Janice has over twenty seven years of experience with clients who span all areas of the marketplace including educational organizations, general business markets, manufacturers, retail, hospitals, tenant dwelling companies, and non-profit organizations. Her past clients range in scope from single-site facilities to multi-location entities with locations that span the globe.

Janice has worked with hundreds of clients saving them millions of dollars per year with an average savings of 45% of their telecommunications spend.

Janice is a member in good standing of the Society of Communications Technology Consultants International (SCTC). She keeps current with the changes in the telecom industry through educational programs, seminars, workshops, white papers and networking. Janice has earned her Certification in Converged Network Technologies (CCNT).

Recent Projects:

Project Manager, telecommunications expense management for real estate company; 67 sites, on-time, savings in excess of $310,000.
Consultant and Project Manager for expense reduction project for International manufacturer with multiple sites. Conducted complete evaluation of current environment, analyzed telecommunications bills and contracts, developed, distributed and analyzed RFP and responses, managed implementation of changes, continued to monitor bills for accuracy. Project on time; savings over $2.7million.

Consultant and Project Manager for client with 60 retail locations. Analyzed bills and contracts, created, distributed and evaluated RFP and responses; managed implementation of recommendations; monitored bills for accuracy. Project on time; savings over $35,800.

Consultant for expense reduction project for major law firm. Analyzed long distance expenses, created, distributed and evaluated RFP and vendor responses. Project on time; savings over $ 410,000.